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Election 2020-2021

Board The last annual owners' meeting and election was held in December 2020 via Zoom conference, at which time 4 board members were elected, each for successive two-year terms. Those elected were: JoAnne Armenio, Mary Kinney, Sam Manto, Deb Sharp, and John Swango.

The next annual owners' meeting and election will be be announced in December, at which time four Directors will be elected. Expiring terms for: Thomas Barg, Dorothy Sanchez, Wally Majumdar and Steven Rhodes must be filled.

If you are interested in seeking a position on the Board of Directors for next year, please fill out the Candidate Information Form, you received by mail, and return to the Management Office by 5:00 p.m. at least 2 weeks before the election.

The following officers were elected during Executive Session and are currently presiding: Thomas Barg (Pres), Wally Majumdar (VP), Steven Rhodes (Treas), and Deb Sharp (Secy).

BoardAttendance at the annual meeting is limited to bona fide unit owners, and others described in the Declarations, and further, if you are not recognized by at least one member of Management or the Board, you will need some form of official picture identification.

If your unit is held in someone else's name, or in a land trust, please be sure that you, the primary beneficiary or the authorized "voter" is on record at the Management Office. Contact the Management Office for information, if you have any questions.

BoardEach year elections are held for [alternating] 2-year terms on the board. There are 9 members who each serve two-year terms. Anyone is eligible, as long as they are a unit owner, in good standing with the Association (HTCA). The Annual Owners Meeting is held in November, each year, and notices will be distributed to all unit owners, in order to allow ample opportunity for proxies to be submitted.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A BOARD MEMBER: Fill out the Candidate Info Form by clicking this link, printing and taking it to the Management Office (no later than 5:00 pm, 2 weeks before the next election). (Requires Signature)

Announcements are made each year, prior to election time so everyone has a fair chance to run on the ballot.


Get involved! Want to be active, but don't want the responsibilities of a full-time job? Join a committee!

Be an active part of the community and share your talents and skills, with those, alike, who will appreciate your work and time! If you're interested in joining a committee, call the office for more info. There are a number to choose from . . .

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